About Us

A little history about All Union Signs & Promos….

Thirteen years ago, Bill Birtle bought a small vinyl plotter. Every day Bill would load the plotter into his truck and travel around to local farmers markets where he made custom signs for patrons. Thus was the creation of Cutting Edge Signs. With hard work, dedication, and the help of family and friends, Bill slowly grew his business into a thriving sign shop.

When Cutting Edge Signs first opened, it was located on the first floor of Bill’s house. A little over ten years ago Bill moved his company to Berryhill Street in Harrisburg where it is currently located. Continuing to grow, Bill began selling advertising specialties.

For years, Bill has been working side by side with unions all over the state. Enjoying the experience of working with unions and appreciating their purpose, Bill and his employees agreed to unionize his shop. In 2009, All Union Signs & Promos, LLC signed on with the Communications Workers of America, Printing Sector, Local 14830.

Business has continued to grow as the customer base has become more solid. Bill and his employees strive to provide the Central Pa area with American Made and Union Made goods of high quality.

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